Model Eats: Dear Me, Cape Town


Cape Town has an over abundant amount of divine restaurants that it’s overwhelming. There’s not enough time to see and try them all! Even though the city is popular for its fresh and delicious foods, the healthy vegetarian options for fine dining is limited. FYI: Cape Tonians love their meat and fish! My first week here, my hungry stomach stumbled upon a cute brasserie cafe in the heart of the city after a sunny day of castings. Their menu consisted of well thought out healthy options. The menu was super easy since it indicated which dishes were specifically gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, and/or meat free friendly. I didn’t need to second guess much.

Check out their full menu for breakfast and lunch here:

What’s on my plate? Try the gluten free/sugar free/dairy free vegetarian teriyaki without tofu. Paired with a pot of warm green tea to aid with digestion. 

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