Sustainable. Ethical. Slow Fashion. Eco-friendly.

The evolution of fashion is gradually growing toward these important standards. The industry is responding to the awareness among consumers in the demands of transparency, fair living wages for those who make our clothes and alternative materials that don’t negatively impact the environment. We’re seeing a shift – especially in our everyday behaviours. With that, more companies are transforming their business objectives while improving short and long-term supply chains to build a better, comprehension-approached system.

The concept of sustainability is founded on 3 pillars: economic, environmental and social equity. The truth is, fashion (whether designer or that simple t-shirt you bought for a weekend) has a BIG connection to everything around us. Our natural environment needs to be protected by using and developing eco-friendly/fair trade components to address climate change and resource shortages. Makers need be ensured fair incomes, working conditions and worker’s justice. The careless promotion of “buy, use, discard, repeat” needs to be quashed. The impact of fashion deeply affects many industries it touches. It has never been more vital for us to create and consume with responsibility.

How can you, as a modern, intelligent consumer, do your part? Do some research before making your next (fashion) purchase. Support ethical brands that are manufactured in an environmentally and socially conscious manner, even if at times comes with a lofty price tag. Buying fewer, higher quality pieces you love that are ethically made tend to last much longer in your closet than those of the fast-fashion method. With some brands, your purchase supports local artisans (the majority of whom are women) all over the world. There are positive benefits of up-cycling, swapping, renting and borrowing clothes as well. From sourcing to wearing, the ways to prioritize production and consumption sustainability are endless and available. This is not a trend or niche market but a holistic tactic to consumption that requires our conscious and innovative efforts.

Big love to some of my favourite female-led brands (tagged!) maximizing benefits to workers and communities involved, while minimizing carbon footprint. Their collections are beautiful (and affordable!) too. Please continue to support women and our planet. 💚

Dress: Cleobella – “Cleobella’s handmade process allows us the pleasure of personally working with local artisans and small factories, creating jobs and sustainable incomes around the world.” Make Up: The Organic Skin Co, Antonym Cosmetics

Dress: Bird + Kite –  “Our pieces are hand crafted in small batches. We use ancient and traditional techniques that support small, family run businesses and ethical work practices. The handmade element of our manufacture supports slow fashion.”

Top: YIREH – “Transparency: Ethically Made. We are passionate about creating slow-fashion apparel by producing small-batch collections throughout the year.” Pants: Novella Royale – Designed, sourced and handmade with love in Southern California.

Photos by my beloved friend, Ashley Klassen, who has the most gorgeous and creative spirit.

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