Ahimsa + Ubuntu.

Bohemian. Humanitarian. Social Entrepreneur. Writer. Intersectional Gender Equity and Welfare Advocate. Lifelong Learner. Perennial Optimist.

Char San Pedro (she/her/we) is a friend, intersectional feminist, humanitarian, social entrepreneur, gender equity advocate, community-builder, orator, and writer.

Char serves as the founder and director of nonprofit GOOD TO BE GOOD: a grassroots, community-led humanitarian and advocacy organization serving diverse, underserved and marginalized women, girls, gender diverse-folks and their communities while actively advocating for gender equity and issues affecting made-vulnerable populations. The nonprofit’s cause-driven initiatives raise critical funds and awareness that invest in social services and community-focused programming. She has led many projects, and campaigns focused on building solidarity and empowerment through bottom-up approaches and mobilization. A committed leader and student of life, Char demonstrates an aptitude for visionary thinking and compassionate leadership—the kind responsible for driving people-centred impact while cultivating effective and meaningful environments for people.

Char’s advocacy work supports local communities in addressing social needs, creating a kinder and equitable society, and empowering women and girls who have experienced gender-based violence, structural inequities and injustices.

A writer at heart, she pens think pieces on intersectional feminism, ecological sustainability, human rights, interconnectedness, spiritual welfare, and social cohesion across her online channels. Char is a voracious entrepreneur and a self-avowed polymath, weaving personal wisdom and comprehensive experience into her work. Her media work has been featured in various publications such as HuffPost, Flare Magazine, Toronto Star, TIME, CTV, Global News, CP24, Globe and Mail, Vogue Italia. Over the years, she has collaborated with major and local brands, including PANGAIA, Cannes Lions, Sony, The Drake Hotel, bluboho, Healthy Planet, FARFETCH. With a colourful background that spans social impact, music, fashion, film, and wellness, Char’s inspirations are wide-ranging, but all driven by the same ethos—to radically support others; to be of service; to be rooted in love, compassion, and humanity.

Char lives in Toronto, where she volunteers and consults nonprofits such as Sistering’s social enterprise SpunStudio, Women’s Habitat, and Dixon Hall’s Out Of The Cold program. She also serves on the Board of Directors of Youth Rising Above—a charitable organization whose mission is to help transform the lives of youth and young people in marginalized communities.

Where I create, there I am true.
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