Heart Health

Our hearts work beat by beat, never resting for the whole of our lives to pump blood throughout our bodies. It is one of the most vital organs that keeps us going, never asking for anything in return but to treat it like the priceless commodity it is.

My personal wellness was partly influenced by a loved one and her painful experiences. She has suffered from one too many cardiovascular illnesses – THREE that neared fatality. She rarely considered the cumulative effect of her daily decisions that ultimately contributed to heart attacks, artery clogging and coronary disease. An active person who sleeps well, laughs abundantly, swears off from drinking and smoking, though, when it came to her diet, has been conditioned (and addicted) to eating food that ultimately served her health poorly.

Our insides should not be neglected, and we can absolutely take responsibility — in a practical, economical and beautiful way – before a metabolic disorder transpires. What you put on your fork is correlated to the possibility of disease or optimal health maintenance. Like adequate exercise, sleep, environmental toxin protection, and mental health, healthy food supports vitality and overall nutrition so our organs, most importantly our heart, can do their functions well. There are simple ways you can make lifestyle improvements with diet:

cutting sneaky refined sugars,

steering clear from added salt and unhealthy fats,

make water your beverage of choice over pop/alcohol/sugary drinks,

and most importantly, consuming whole plant-based foods such as veggies and fruits.

Eliminate meat intake (hormones, chemicals, inflammation, high TMAO, persistent organic pollutants, internal fat), dairy (high-insulinogenic) and processed crap. A widespread of epidemiological research gives evidence to a vegan diet being disease and chronic virus protective. All linking plant foods, plant constituents such as fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and phytochemicals are effective strategies to support higher immune function and reduce risk of cancer (for my loved one’s case heart failure) diagnosis and recurrence.

No matter the food habits or patterns you create, please make sure much of it is full of proven, SIMPLE preventive medicine: the abundance that is nature. You are worthy.

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