UNDIVIDED v3 – Good To Be Good Foundation Women’s Awareness Campaign

Together, we are unified in our purpose of supporting women, mobilizing human rights, and amplifying a woman’s and girl’s dignity, equity, and value to society.⁣⁣
This campaign promotes inclusion and honest diversity – individually and collectively.⁣⁣
Today, and every day, we honour the vast glory of a woman’s challenges and her uninhibited possibilities. We celebrate women unifying across sectors, courageous across all borders. ⁣⁣We galvanize towards a sustainable world – one that is shared with an army of sisters, near and far, and undoubtedly a better place when we live and work together in harmony for the good of all.⁣ 🌍⁣

This campaign also aims the spotlight on the Canadian Women’s Foundation ⁣⁣by tribute of @thegivingrosesproject. Please support generously.🌹⁣
The 3rd Good To Be Good Foundation ‘UNDIVIDED’ campaign featured in the latest issue of Luxur Lux Magazine and Creators Magazine! Available now!

Our all-female team:⁣⁣

Photographer: Tara Noelle ⁣
Producer/CD: Char San Pedro @goodtobegoodfoundation
Set Design: Wild North Flowers (Bethany Rose)
Stylist: Aliecia Brissett (Brands: MLM Label, ZIRAN, One Teaspoon, Jenny Bird)
MUA: Irina Badescu, Lauryn Hopwood, Allana Davis
Studio: Album Studio Rentals (Toronto) 



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