#PANGAIAChangemakers is a global platform for everyone, everywhere to shine a light on the positive impact individuals can have on the communities that they’re a part of. They invite people to engage with them, tell their stories, and share their voices.”

#PANGAIAChangemakers Video

Thank you to the The PANGAIA team for including our Good To Be Good work in this inspiring #PANGAIAChangemakers campaign. Your commitment to transparency, planet-friendly alternatives, and broader conversations about sustainability science and circular economy is a beacon for other brands and coalitions. To continue to dedicate my existence to the well-being of others and the planet is a choice that I meet with a full, grateful heart. 💚

Friends, remember that our greatest challenges ask us to be kind to ourselves and each other; to be responsible without blame; and to participate in collectiveness in our own unique ways. Practical tactics are helpful—and they absolutely count—but the quality of its outcomes are determined by the degree of emotional labor we put into each act. Stay kind to all things Life. 🌳

Check out their IGTV for the full video, and you can also read the transcribed videos by visiting the PANGAIA official website. Or link: https://thepangaia.com/blogs/changemakers/char-san-pedro

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