Simply Bars on Table Mountain


Simply Bars + Table Mountain = Match Made in Heaven! 

This is me on top of Table Mountain, one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. It’s 1085 metres high. So you can imagine how hungry I was when my friends and I finally made it from our 1.5 hour hike! I am proudly holding my favourite snack: The Simply Bars by Wellness Foods. I brought about 2 dozen of these with me to Cape Town simply cause I don’t like to live without them. They’re a Canadian brand so they’re only available in select North American retail stores. However, you can order them worldwide on Vita Cost but shipping to South Africa can get pricey.

These protein bars are super delicious. I’d like to describe them as a tasty, healthy, crunch bar similar to the texture of a rice krispies square. They’re not like your usual gummy, thick whey protein bars as they’re made from non GMO soy crisps. Gluten free, low sugar (suitable for diabetics), no sugar alcohols, low GI, vegan, kosher, low carb, easy to digest and high in protein and fiber with the least amount of calories – I couldn’t find that in ANY protein bar. And believe me, I was on the hunt for days for a bar like this. All of their products are natural and made with 12 ingredients or less and they don’t use ingredients you can’t pronounce. Each bar contains about 16 grams of protein and more fiber than sugar. It’s a simple as that!

The bar I’m holding on Table Mountain is the Cinnamon Pecan flavour which is my absolute go to. They have a range of flavours like Peanut Butter & Chocolate, Coconut and Raspberry & Cocoa. (I love them all!) But like a lot of the health products out in the market, these bars can be on the more expensive scale compared to a crappy box of Nature Valley granola bars. And once you become dependent (or addicted) to these bars like me, it adds up. The bars retail individually from $1.99 CDN – $2.59 CDN. I always buy a box of them from my local health store in Toronto to save money. But I won’t complain since I get what I pay for! 😉

So forget your average Kellogs “only 90 calories” granola bars, the sugary Lara Bars or your steroid protein bars that taste like chocolate plastic you once thought was all good for you and simplify your life. Your tummy will thank you. 🙂

You can also check out this link on their website to see how their bars compare to the leading brand of protein bars:


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