Tostitos are so last season!


I have fallen in love with Flamous’ Falafel chips. That’s right, you heard me: falafel in chip form! It’s a crunchy Mediterranean heaven.

Last week, I was on the hunt for healthy tortilla chip alternatives and came across many that were either loaded with sodium or preservatives and/or containing funky ingredients that my body wouldn’t be able to digest. So Flamous Brand came to my rescue. The company generously sent me a large case of 3 of their famous chips: Original Falafel, Sprouted Multigrain Zatar and Spicy Falafel. It’s Wednesday and there’s not a crumb left. They were that good.

I brought a bag to share on set of one of my photo shoots and it was the talk of the evening. One of the crew members who’s of Middle Eastern descent couldn’t believe how authentically good they tasted compared to the ones her “teta” used to hand make back home. Known for their famous explosion of exotic flavour, they are made with real, all natural organic ingredients. No added preservatives or artificial flavours, free of GMO and MSG, gluten free, dairy free, wheat free, sugar free and low in sodium. Like really low. About 28 grams of chips has only 79 grams of sodium. They’re also rich in protein, fiber and anti oxidants which we get mostly from their main ingredient: non GMO whole beans (chickpeas, fava beans, black beans, pinto beans.) Everything we want in a tortilla chip, right? Right. But don’t overdo it though. Corn is a considered wholegrain and contains a lot of fiber but they’re also heavy in carbohydrates and it sits high on the glycemic index.

The bag I kept for myself was the Zatar flavour. Made with similar ingredients to the Original Falafel, these bad boys contain some of my ultimate favourite foods: sprouted organic brown rice, brown flax and buckwheat. I always prefer the healthier bag of chips. And my waistline prefers it that way.

I’ve liked them on Facebook and you should too:

While you’re there, grab a bag and taste these all star chips for yourself!

These are some of the benefits of eating sprouted grains and seeds:

– Increases digestibility: Sprouting breaks down the starches in grains into simple sugars so your body can digest them much better. Plus, sprouted grains are easily digestible.

– Increases mineral absorption: Helps to break down enzyme inhibitors so that your insides have help easily absorbing iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, etc.

– Increases anti oxidants and vitamins: In processed and refined grains, they have been stripped from most of their nutrients since the bran and germs have been removed. Sprouting releases more vitamins and anti oxidants that are naturally found in the grains/seeds. Also helps produce more vitamin C and increases vitamin b12.

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