Simple Quinoa Bowl


Easy, tasty and healthy. Your muscles will thank you. 

Clean eating can sometimes be tedious and at times, feel like work. One of my favourite go to lunch or dinner dishes is easy to make because it’s quick to make and doesn’t take a lot of prepping either. This toasted almond quinoa (warm) salad is convenient, fresh and most importantly high in protein and vitamins. It requires only the use of whole foods which means it will keep you satisfied and energetic longer than a greasy meal.

You’ll need:

Raw almonds

Cooked quinoa (warm or cold, up to you)

Broccoli (raw or lightly pan fried in olive oil)

Baby spinach

Some virgin olive oil

Dried oregano


Black Pepper

Heat olive oil on medium heat and then add raw almonds. Roast until darker in colour or until desired. In a large bowl, toss quinoa, broccoli, and baby spinach. Add toasted almonds. Squeeze half a lemon into the bowl. Sprinkle black pepper and dried oregano. Mix together and serve!

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