Cracker Head


Cape Town’s best gluten free crackers.

One of my favourite go to health stores in Seapoint, Cape Town called “Health Matters” carried these scrumptious flaxseed crackers that I couldn’t get enough of. The shelves of Cape Town’s grocery stores had limited products that were healthy, gluten free, no sugar added and/or vegan so when I found these bad boys, I was in heaven! R’Vive Health’s Flaxseed Crackers come in 2 flavours (tomato or courgette) and contain the simplest ingredients: garlic, onion, himalayan salt, flaxseeds, herbs and extra virgin olive oil. They are slowly dehydrated to preserve the ingredients goodness and nutrients. I enjoy them on their own as an on the go snack, but they’re great paired with organic hummus or fresh guacamole. Best of all, they are free of preservatives, additives, gluten, wheat, dairy, added sugar, GMO and make a great alternative to soda crackers. However, make sure you have a toothpick (or two) handy. Your chompers will have a mouth full of flax after consumption!

Flaxseeds are low in carbs and digestive friendly and considered to be one of the healthiest and most nutritional foods you can have. These powerful tiny seeds are high in fiber, anti oxidants and rich in omega fatty acids. Perfect to add to your everyday diet! 

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