Simple Food Swaps For a Healthier Diet


Here are some of the simple food swaps I incorporate for a healthier, cleaner diet: 

– Most yogurt brands contain a ton of (added) sugars and other junk you probably can’t pronounce. Whether it’s “low fat” or “no fat”, they still contain lots of sugars that you can avoid by swapping with skim plain greek yogurt (no sugar or sugar alcohol added). Top with fresh organic berries and you have yourself a healthier snack. Simple and nothing more! 

One of my favourite tips: Get into the habit of reading the ingredient labels and the sugar content of the product. The fewer ingredients, the better! If you can’t pronounce an ingredient or don’t recognize it, put it down. Chances are, those pesky fake ingredients aren’t good for you. Don’t rely on the front packaging of the product. Marketing “no fat” or “healthier than the leading product” doesn’t always mean they are. Don’t be fooled!

– Morning coffee or cereal with milk or cream? Dump it and instead opt for organic unsweetened almond milk or pure unsweetened coconut milk. Lower in sugar, calories and trans fat! *Again, read the ingredients of those products you are swapping. Not all almond milk and coconut milk products are made the same. 

– Love butter? Quit it. Try using fresh whole avocado or coconut oil instead. You’ll believe it’s not butter! Plus, your waistline will love you for it. 😉 

– Rice is a very common side dish. However, white rice is very high on the glycemic index and can spike your insulin (blood sugar) faster than you can say it. One of my favourite go to foods is organic quinoa and whole grain or long grain brown rice. Not only are they better for your tummy but also a great complex carb with loads of protein to add to your diet. 

– Peanut butter might be yummy but it also contains a lot of saturated fats and not tummy friendly to a low carber or a diabetic. Plus most of the calories are from fats! My favourite alternative is all natural almond butter. Almonds are one of the best things to have in your diet if you want to lose weight and is great for added protein. Try having them with unpolished whole grain brown rice cakes as a mid day snack. And remember, that almond butter product should only contain one ingredient in it: almonds. Nothing more than that! 

– Cutting down on your sugar intake means QUITTING all sodas and fruit juices (yes even the ones that say %100 fruit juice). I haven’t had pop in about 4 years and it has helped me lose a lot of stubborn fat and made my insides very happy and clean. I never gave in and then eventually, my body stopped “craving” it. So I stick to drinking lots of water, lemon water, green tea and fresh, green juices that are not only good for me but keep me hydrated and alkalized. 

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