Soft Hearty Coconut Cookies For Breakfast Please! [Vegan + Grain Free]

TGIF means cookies for breakfast! Who says you can’t start your day off with some healthy breakfast cookies once in awhile?

These cookies are certified SOFT and thick and you guessed it – free of all bad things we don’t want in our food! I figured out a way to use coconut flour without the use of eggs and these cookies held their own! Coconut flour can be tricky to bake with if you’re trying to veganize it but somehow, this recipe worked! It’s a perfect base recipe for a grain free, gluten free, sugar free vegan cookie which you can add some of your favourite fixins like vegan unsweetened carob chips (homemade is the best way!), cacao nibs, berries, unsweetened coconut shreds, cardamom, nut butters or whatever your little healthy heart desires…

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I made this batch today and didn’t even have time to use my DSLR to take a pretty photo of it. It’s an iPhone quality photo but the taste is still the same! Check out my recipe below:

2/3 cup of organic coconut flour (Cuisine Soleil is my favourite!)

Binder: Half 1/3 of almond meal and the other 1/3 half of tapoica or arrowroot starch = so 1/6 of each ingredient equaling 1/3 cup

1/2 teaspoon of baking soda

1/2 cup of xylitol (or coconut sugar or stevia – adjust to sweet tooth)

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract (non alcohol)

2 flax eggs/gels (3 tbsp of ground flax with 6 tbsp of water – let sit for a few minutes)

1 teaspoon of cinnamon and/or cardamom

3-4 tbsps of water or unsweetened almond milk

5 tbsps of organic cold pressed coconut oil (liquid)

1 tbsp of coconut butter (or any type of softened vegan butter)

Optional: your fixins!

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine all dry ingredients in a large bowl. Stir well.

Add in your fixins like unsweetened vegan carob chips or cacao nibs, etc. Next add in your flax eggs, coconut butter and coconut oil. Mix well. Then end off with the water or unsweetened almond milk. Till you get your batter to start holding together! You want it to be on the thick side.

Scoop onto cookie sheet or parchment paper. Press cookies down! Coconut flour doesn’t really expand so make sure to do this. Do not flatten them though since you want them to be thick and soft.

Bake for 14-16 minutes. Cool before removing from the cookie sheet. Then enjoy with some pure almond butter or organic unsweetened jelly to make it an ultimate breakfast treat! x


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