High Protein Plant Based Pasta – Say No More!



Happily strolling through Fiesta Farms, my favourite grocery store in Toronto, I came across Explore Asian Organic Mung Bean Fettuccini. I’ve been meaning to cut down on eating brown rice pasta and wanting to make my own using fresh vegetables but don’t have a handy dandy spiralizer to do so. 

I have to say, that this is the best gluten free pasta I’ve ever had! Not only is it a plant based protein, it oozes all sorts of health benefits and nutrients that kicks brown rice pasta and quinoa’s butts! I’m actually still in shock as to how much protein there is with so little carb and calorie content. I grew up eating mung beans in stews and rice dishes but never would’ve I imagined eating it in the shape of a pasta noodle. image

The taste is very similar to brown rice pasta. The texture is a tender al dente (if made right) and nutritionally, it’s in your favour. For those with multiple food sensitivities or those that lead a healthy lifestyle, this pasta is an excellent carb alternative. A serving of 50 grams (about 1/4 of the package) contains 23 grams of protein, 10 grams of fiber, 2 grams of fat, 15 grams of carbs and only 160 calories. The same number of serving of quinoa has about half of those stats. Brown rice pasta has similar numbers to quinoa too. Mung beans are low in cholesterol, high in soluble fibers and have a low glycemic index. Excellent for those on a low carb diet as well! 

It’s gluten free, wheat free, grain free, sodium free and there’s no added starch like many other gluten free pastas contain. In fact, there’s only two ingredients listed: organic mung beans and water. That’s it!  

I was super excited to have it for lunch today. I lightly tossed it with a quick homemade pasta sauce (crushed roma tomatoes, basil, roasted garlic and extra virgin olive oil) and served it with some fresh greens (sprouted broccoli, arugula, spinach, lettuce and sprouted sunflowers) for added munch! Besides, you can never have too much vegetables! 😉 Definitely going to have these regularly in my pantry! Which reminds me – I gotta go and stock up! 

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