Healthy “Detox” Booster: Maca Apple Cider Drink [Let’s Talk About The D Word]

How many times have you heard someone blabbing about how badly they need to detox because of one too many bad lifestyle habits or choices?

Probably a lot.

It seems as if everyone is talking about detoxing these days. Or for the smarty pants out there, le detoxification process. Besides, who wouldn’t want to “cleanse” their insides of all the harsh chemicals, unnecessary fat and sugar they’ve put their body through? The D word is in the latest magazines, online fitness blogs and a popular term used among the health and wellness world. Sounds like to me that the word detox is like the word diet. 

Is detox the new diet? 

The most common detox method is the ever so popular juicing diet. Now, I’m not saying that I’m against it. In fact, I’m an advocate for drinking your greens, the only concern I have is when someone follows a trend without doing any research of their own beforehand. Personally, you can’t eat bad food and then go on a sporadic juice cleanse for a week and think you’ve ridden all of your toxins. Our bodies are machines. Smart ones at that. They know how to flush out the bad and use the good stuff for energy and sufficient living. However, we are responsible for providing it with what it needs so that our organs are able to do it properly and efficiently.

The “silly” thing you can do is go on a juice cleanse for a bit (which then your body might go through withdrawals) then start up again on your old food habits. This not only puts your body on a yo-yo ride but it can also lower you metabolism and potentially stress your body out. Our bodies expect food, our fuel. And when we go through strenuous points of ‘starving’ it, the metabolism and immune system can slowly get weaker. If you’re a very healthy eater, you’ll be able to “handle” the juice fast or cleanse much easier compared to someone who’s been eating a ton of processed and refined food their whole life. Don’t get me wrong – I think a juice cleanse is a great way to get your intake of veggies and increase vitamin and mineral intake which is beneficial for your overall health. Like any healthy diet, this shouldn’t be a treated like “medication” or a crash diet but instead as a sustainable lifestyle change. It’s not the easy way out! Your body will benefit a lot more from drinking green juices when supported with a healthy balanced diet.

Green juices are great for that extra “detox” boost and an excellent option for a healthy pick me up snack. For some, like this fella, it’s helped him lose a ton of weight which in turn would help him prevent future diseases and illnesses. While I don’t doubt that it has made some people feel amazing, personally, I don’t believe that it’s for everyone and should be an ongoing affair. Yes, you will lose weight – mostly water weight. And that alone will make you feel great. With the weight, you’ll also be losing muscle and fat. Then after the fast, you’ll most likely gain it back. Then what? Eat like crap and detox repeat? I myself haven’t tried the juice cleanse or fast partially because I’m quite a “clean eater” and I LOVE food. I don’t drink, smoke or eat processed foods and refined carbs and I eat a ton of vegetables throughout the day. These invisible “toxins” or the “nasties” in my body that I’m told I should get rid of through fasting is probably already taken care of from the help of my liver, kidneys and intestines. I’ve given those organs the right fuel it needs to do their job properly. I don’t need (and want) to push myself with a strict juice-only diet in order to eliminate the bad stuff. Plus, I love (and need) the fiber in veggies and fruits (from their skin) and only consuming juices wouldn’t allow me to have any of it. Isn’t fiber a good thing for healthy weight loss and management? Hmmm.

There are benefits to drinking juices. Drink them. Don’t fast or detox. If you do, make it a short session. Never starve yourself. Or, perhaps for a week, swap out a heavy meal with green juice (or smoothie!) instead? Refrain from restricting your body for weeks from other nutritious foods it requires. The best thing you can do for your body is to not deprive it of other essential nutrients. This is by eating a well-balanced diet, eating a ton of vegetables, well portioned meals and yes, drinking green juices! Okay, so what if you eat like crap and absolutely need to detox? Well, first, I recommend you consider detoxing like an elimination game. Optimize your gut function! Eliminate all of the bad food you eat and swap them out for healthier choices that are beneficial and doable. You can do this slowly as part of your healthy detox plan. First week, cut out sugary pops and beverages. Drink lots of filtered water and green juices. Drink lemon water in the morning instead of coffee. Second week, cut out processed foods such as take out food or anything that comes from a can or box. Eat home cooked prepared meals using whole grains, lots of vegetables and your choice of protein. Third week, cut out milk and dairy products. Opt for homemade almond milk or other non dairy milk products. More trouble-free ways to support detoxification: eating raw garlic and virgin coconut oil, taking zinc, probiotics, spirulina and chlorella, dry skin brushing, and doing yoga. This is a wholesome “detox” you can manage and can benefit from. The weight will shed off naturally and it’ll be done at a healthy, happy pace. Thus, you’ll be in a healthier, happy place. 🙂 Moderation and balance is the key – for everything!

What I’m about to share with you is one of my favourite “detox” drinks that’s both healthy and nourishing. This is not the next type of “Master Cleanse“. Remember that? Such a ridiculous diet! Like the title says, this is a healthy detox booster. It can be had in the morning before your breakfast, in the afternoon for a mid day pick me up or right before bed to aid with digestion. The ingredients are simple and the combination is perfect to soothe and coat your tummy. I’m sure you’ve learned from somewhere, or on my blog, about the benefits of these ingredients alone to assist in digestion, hormones, weight and pH levels. Now your body can profit from all the advantages in one cup with a just few sips of this warm medley.


What you’ll need:

2-3 cups of water, boiled

1 organic cinnamon stick

1/2 tsp of organic cinnamon powder

1 tsp of maca powder

2 tsp of fresh squeezed lemon juice

1 tsp of organic apple cider vinegar

Combine all of the ingredients in your favourite mug (or jar in my case). Stir well. Add boiled water. Drink with bliss! x

Optional: a pinch of stevia to add some sweetness

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