Weekend Love

Happy start off the week, you special human being! I hope you had a happy weekend.

This is what my Sunday looked like…

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Yummy, nutritional food with the best of friends and then neighborhood exploring with my honey. The weather wasn’t the greatest this weekend in Toronto but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the outdoors. Physical activity is always more fun when it doesn’t feel like one. Also, can you believe it’s May and I’m wearing gloves?! Mother nature is such a tease!

Even though it’s the weekend, that doesn’t mean healthy habits have to stop. One of the healthy ways you can “cheat” on the weekend is by nutritionally swapping the ingredients for your favourite comfort foods. In my case, pesto pasta is one of them! High in calories, loads of oil and if overdone, the carb count is above average. It’s not ideal for anyone to have it everyday that’s for sure. But we’re human and we crave. So you can check out my plate to see what I had that left me fully satisfied without taking me off track.

Stay healthy, my friends.

On my plate: Homemade gluten/yeast free flax flat bread, lemon green spring mix salad, kale/chickpea/red pepper salad with coconut nectar and avocado oil and kale/oregano dairy free pesto brown rice spirals with broccoli. 

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