Fruit Free Green Garden Juice


Do you avoid  kale, parsley, swiss chard, and other green juices due to their bitter flavor? Here’s a simple yet effective way to mellow it out. Although, I don’t mind it because I personally feel A LOT better drinking a mostly vegetable based juice, some of you probably don’t feel the same way. Or some of you are brand new to the world of juicing.  Being a vegan, my taste buds have definitely adapted to enjoy the natural flavor and richness of greens. I also love when my juices are more tart than sweet.

What about fruit, you ask? You can add pineapple, agave nectar, or other sweet ingredients to cover up the bitterness of greens but I don’t recommend it. Not only does it (sorta) defeat the purpose of a healthy green juice but you’re more at risk at raising your blood sugars by adding it. When you strip off the fiber from the fruit, it enters the bloodstream very fast and can send blood sugars and insulin levels to rocket. The only fruit that works well with green vegetables in blends and juices is a green apple – not too much though. It’s a great base and adds the perfect amount of sweet while still keeping the sugar content down. However, if you’re like me and prefer an easy, less sugary alternative to balance the flavor, add lemon or lime. The acidity neutralizes the bitterness, plus it tastes absolutely refreshing! 

The greener, the meaner, the better! 

What you’ll need:

Half a large cucumber (sometimes I’ll use the whole cucumber!)

Half a large carrot

3 stalks of kale

3 cups of organic baby spinach

1 small lemon peeled or half a lemon peeled

1/2″ of peeled piece of ginger

2-3 large romaine lettuce leaves

1 cup of filtered water

Additional: Spirulina powder, Sunfood Sun is Shining Green Superfood, chia seeds (for added crunch!)

Thoroughly wash your fresh ingredients. Remove stems where applicable. Cut the vegetables so they’re able to fit in your juicer.

Pass the ingredients through the juicer’s chute.

My favourite tip: re-use the pulp and juice them 1-3 times and then pass through filtered water. 

Add green powders or chia seeds. Stir. Drink immediately!

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