I am often asked how I’m able to maintain my high energy and avoid burnouts considering how frenetic and chaotic life can get. Naturally, I’ve always been a gregarious and very hyper individual since day fetus. Even with all of the hardships and adversity I’ve faced in my life so far, I am thankful that I’ve conquered what I have and still possess an elevated spirit; a spirit that not only constantly fights but believes that life is for living to the fullest and at a wide capacity.

Everything about the modern life is in constant flux from the demands of work, personal projects, commitments to family and friends to environmental factors. Each of these can affect us in different ways, sometimes leaving us feeling lethargic or unable to face the world head on. But I’ve always believed that as human beings, we have a boundless source of universal energy that is available to each and everyone of us. I also trust in the power of mind over matter. An inner belief that you can endure all that comes to you utilizing the resources you have and can acquire.

Let’s start with your body’s fuel. A healthy diet is a huge contributing factor. Something I most definitely credit some of my high energy to. While nutrition is not the only answer to sustaining energy levels, the food you put into your body does have a direct influence on your internal biochemical ground. You are what you eat, right? So if you want to level out those energy levels, a diet is a good place to start.

I eat a strict vegan, gluten/wheat free and refined sugar free diet. That means noshing on lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, complex carbohydrates such as quinoa, brown rice, beans and super foods such as spirulina, green tea (matcha is my favourite), goji berries, maca, raw cacao, flax seeds, chia seeds, the list goes on. If I have a processed food such as a protein bar, I always make sure it fits this criteria: no weird ingredients and unpronounceable preservatives. I stick to eating real food with real ingredients. Other than that, I don’t have cheat days. If I have a craving for something sweet, I’ll munch on frozen fruit, raw desserts made with cashews and dates, or a few pieces of homemade sugar free dark chocolate. If I have a craving for something crunchy, I’ll opt for organic popcorn with black pepper or flax crackers paired with oil-free hummus. I also stay away from chemicals, drugs and alcohol.

One simple technique that can make a significant impact to keeping your energy levels balanced is playing close attention to blood sugar level. Processed foods and refined carbs (white bread, pasta, pastries, etc.) can cause blood sugar levels to jump very high. That can give you a rapid instant boost, like drinking coffee, however, it has psychological consequences. Your body has an efficient and highly responsive system that deals with the sugar spike. That brings us to the hormone insulin – which informs your cells to absorb all of the sugar as quickly as possible to get the blood glucose levels down to safe levels. The outcome is simply the ‘what goes up must come down’ common effect. You go from feeling absolutely fantastic to crashing as your blood sugar level plummets back to the ground leaving you feeling not so good. You can avoid all of that by eating lighter, better meals throughout the day to properly top up that blood sugar. For me, this means a good (BIG!) breakfast, a light midmorning snack, a good lunch, an afternoon snack, and finally a good dinner. Focus on lean proteins, healthy fats, and as much vegetables as you can manage. Especially green veggies. Make those your friends! This will ensure you to be full longer, maintain your blood sugar at an even level, and consequently won’t provoke energy spikes and dips that can affect your mood and behaviour.

Another way I tap into my innate energy power source is by practicing unrelenting hope and enthusiasm on a daily basis. As complex human beings, it’s inevitable that we get flustered, angry and/or irritated from time to time triggered by external coordinates. I can’t even tell you the amount of times my mood goes off course because of something someone said or something that didn’t go right, but eventually, I do my very best to look for the lesson or the opportunity in those moments and to grow from it. Yes, it’s normal to get upset and you should feel things but if you are constantly feeling like you’re in a rut, then that is the world you will inhabit and moving forward with optimism will feel dreadful. Additionally, feeling your feelings helps too! Trying not to feel them creates more anxiety and drains energy. So feel what you need to feel. By doing that, you don’t let it control you and physically your body won’t hold onto all of those stressful emotions or tensions. I mentioned mind over matter. If your thoughts are thoughts that yank low frequency energy to you, you will emotionally deteriorate and physical disease may follow. Thus, shifting the focus from the issue to a possible solution, seeking new avenues to take, and having a greater awareness of what could be possible not only alleviates the energy drain, but also replenishes us with brand new energy without repressing what’s negative. The hope for new possibilities can attribute to our energy going up and our zest for life established. If we are interested, engaged, and willing to live our lives, it will transcend in our overall energy.

Speaking of interest, another rewarding way I like to boost my energy is by connecting with my passions. For me, that includes a lot of time for reading, writing, journaling, listening to music, dancing, travelling, outdoor activities (hiking, swimming, SUPing, walking the city) and going out with friends. Allowing myself to engage and make time with the things that I love the most and energize me can generally prevent my battery from getting low. Moving around more ironically raises my energy. I can’t reiterate this enough: if you train your mind to see the good in what you’re doing, if you overcome the discomfort, your spirit will unexpectedly and magically magnify.

There are also some practical ways to boost your energy which you can try: taking power naps, exercising, drinking more filtered water, focusing on your breathing from time to time, meditation, cutting back on caffeine, taking B vitamins, get some sunshine, laugh more and even cuddling with a loved one.

Commit to your life and watch your energy soar!






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