Breaking News: I Don’t Have A Microwave!


Microwaves should come with warning labels just like cigarette cartons. 

I’ve never owned my own microwave. It’s been about 6 years or so actually. When I first moved into my first apartment, I made the conscious decision to never own one. I figured there were other safer ways to heat my food. And quite frankly, microwaved foods never interested me. It never tasted good. My food was always scorching hot when it came out but after a few minutes, the temperature of it dropped drastically. Plus, the thought of an appliance “warming” my food with invisible energy radio waves boggled my mind – it made me very skeptical. You plug it in, press some buttons and voila! Food in a matter of seconds. Then it went straight into my body? Weird!

Microwaves play such a large part in the everyday Western lifestyle; it’s this impressive little everyday gadget that we don’t second guess as much as we should. On top of that, most homes are microwaving processed foods which only means one thing: it’s not real food being eaten. It’s just junk being heated by junk. It may help when you when you’re pressed for time but in the long run, it does more harm than any good. We cannot ignorantly sacrifice our health in return for the convenience of microwave ovens to prepare our meals. Exposure to unnatural radiation cannot be beneficial to our health. Would you be alright getting into a tanning booth (it’s kind of like a large microwave), blasting it on high for a few minutes and then repeating that everyday? Probably not. Because you know it’s not safe and can be damaging. You probably don’t need any scientific facts to justify that for you. 

Why should you be concerned about your microwave? Here’s a some fast facts I’ve rounded up for you (some so obvious that you may already know them): 

  • Nutrients, vitamins and minerals of all microwaved food is depleted or altered so that the human body gets little or no benefit which cannot be brown down 
  • Microwaved foods cause stomach and intestinal cancerous tumors
  • Continual ingestion of microwaved food lowers the immune system and can cause digestive disorders
  • Eating food processed from a microwave oven causes permanent brain damage by “shorting out” electrical impulses in the brain
  • The prolonged eating of microwaved foods causes cancerous cells that increase in human blood
  • The minerals and vitamins in vegetables are converted into cancerous free radicals by microwaves
  • Our bodies are unable to metabolize the unknown by-products that are created in microwaved foods

There are many articles about microwaves being harmful and also many articles about it being safer than cell phones. But the point of eating food is to reap the benefits it has to offer and if the nutrients are being depleted by microwaves, why bother? The dangers are there and it is absolutely not necessary to have one. 

Bottom line: You don’t need it. I believe that every meal you make should be prepared on purpose with purpose. Life can get hectic and busy, but that doesn’t mean your body has to compromise with crappy food sprayed in a coating of radiation. Not to mention a lot of it is probably wrapped in some sort of BPA, but that’s a whole other issue on it’s own. It’s safer to eat natural foods in raw form which is not only as convenient as microwaved food but much healthier. Our bodies are capable of handling something close to what mother nature gives us but if it’s not, it’s more likely our bodies cannot. Keep in mind, I’m a vegan so a large portion of my meals don’t require any heating. The foods that do, go straight into the conventional oven or reheated in a pan. You”ll be surprised just how easily you can get by without a microwave! Whether or not these facts are “true or false”, if you can reduce the potential risks, would you? 


Try this home experiment from NaturalNews to understand the potential hazards of microwaving: “Plant seeds in two pots. Water one pot with microwaved water and the other pot with regular tap water. The seeds that received microwaved water won’t sprout. If microwaved water can stop plants from growing, then imagine what microwaved food is doing to your body.” 

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