UNDIVIDED v2 Featured in Luxur Lux Magazine, Issue 9

UNDIVIDED is a modern feminist visual by Good To Be Good Foundation photographed by the talented Tara Noelle, that highlights the unity of women and the power that lies within us. A campaign created to amplify voices, celebrate the women’s movement and bring awareness to the innumerable intersectional ways women face and feel challenged.

For us, women’s rights are human rights – a fundamental belief that when equal balance is achieved, together, we are all more free. Through the twinkle of honest art, we express our feminist presence – unarmed and in total union – and symbolically stand on the shoulders of women revolutionaries that have paved the way for us globally. We acknowledge that being a ‘woman’ can signify many complex, unparalleled things and cannot (and should not) be boxed into one.

This campaign is made up of women and collaborators who mutually stand for advocacy, uniqueness and the unbolted support we hold for women everywhere. In league, we work fervently in demanding justice and respect for not just one kind of woman – but for all women who share space in equality discourse.

Our commitment to putting women to the front and centre starts with inclusion in all fields while promoting a culture of true, earnest diversity beyond the visible. We must continue to work toward systemic change by coming together as a community to strengthen the chain of parity, advance essential human rights, and honour the common values of humanity. The fight to end injustice is one that asks of you and me. This Women’s History month, whether you are celebrating, marching or uniting, share the hope with other women around the globe and help amplify attention to areas where improvement in women’s rights and equal, accessible opportunity is still needed.

Photo: Tara Noelle MUA: Irina Badescu Women: Shreya Patel, Tia Duffy, Char San Pedro Clothing: Richer Poorer, ShopBop, We Are HAH

Big love to Luxur Lux Magazine, a female-led magazine that features stories from thriving women and female leaders and founders doing incredible work in the world today. Read more about our UNDIVIDED campaign in issue 9 – print and digital available on their website!


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