Sustainability For All

Our planet is boiling gently.

The reality is that our natural resources are being exhausted faster than they are being replenished. We live in a modern existence whose linear model has been, “take, make and waste.” This increasing our environmental challenges and putting many at risk. With that, sustainability – a growing interest – is considered more and more everyday. It is a broad discipline and a complex concept that remains. When we hear the word “sustainability” we often think of carbon emission reduction, renewable fuel sources, green infrastructures with policies, the protection of our ecosystems and restoration of natural sources over the long term.

In short, it’s simple principal is based on this: Everything that we need for survival and our overall well-being depends on our natural environment; not compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their needs. It supports our ecological, economical and public health and vitality. Its activity is developing productive harmony between the competing needs to move forward while protecting the biodiversity in which we and others live in.

The march to save our planet involves all and its efforts – from corporations, governments, citizens, to activists. This will not solve overnight. The keys to progress, especially during economic crisis, are fostering innovation, education, legislation and voluntary action. By globally treating sustainability as a main goal (The Global Goals), we will force businesses and organizations to become sustainable, thus becoming an integral ingredient of development. By individually treating, we will force ourselves the responsibility of good social practices which become our everyday. Your part can start with eating for impact, be water ‘wise’, consuming consciously and voting for leaders who care about social welfare.

We must continuously contribute to the promotion of peace, the health of our environment, the eradication of poverty in all its form, the building of workplace conditions, the improvement of supply chains for better value, economic prosperity and a quality of life that benefits the present and future. 🌍

Photo: Tara Noelle / Recycled Swimwear: AMARA Tulum / Sustainable Beauty: Clove + Hallow, The Organic Skin Co & Pai Skincare / Recycled Ring: Christy Robinson Design

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