Interconnectedness is the nature of foundations – that the foundations in one area are also the foundations of many other areas.

The route in which we are able to reach many truths (even conclusions and breakthroughs) is by understanding the varied complex layers deeply and therefore more broadly. That’s the essence of the concept of a foundation, and cultivating core, fundamental values that cannot be deduced or compromised any further, whether in our personal or professional establishments.

When we reason from our primary principals, not by comparison or by account, we are able to build up from there to a great extent and cover as much mass as we so desire. This also helps with solving issues and creating new solutions from the center. We construct something stronger and operate from what we know is authentic. An empirical example would be in botanical anatomy: every flower, every tree and every mountain literally stand on the same foundation; namely the earth. It depends on the value of other things such as water, soil, oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, etc. All life, both subtle and intricate as we, stand on the same theoretical base. So by comprehending verticality and depth, you can relish in the notion that everything is somehow connected and the previous that seemed separate and disconnected become part of the entire truth.

Nature signifies the whole and sum total of everything not the quality of one. Just as every leaf on a tree is attached by twigs, which are connected by branches which are contingent on the trunk and the support of its roots, so too are people, principals and ideas connected by universal systems and deeper truths.

You and I are part of it all. Such a simple yet magnificent thing, wouldn’t you say?

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