Good To Be Good Foundation Featured in Future Female Magazine!

Article: Lauren MacKay of Future Female Mag Photo: Tara Noelle 

At the most transparent level, I am indebted to the ever-so-erudite Lauren Mackay and the ever-so-badass Future Female Magazine team for this endearing piece and feature. Beyond that, I am grateful for the creative space you’ve produced for women to share their remarkable stories, their world views, their courage, and their giant hearts. In a society where we are constantly inundated with devastating and folly “news,” it is of great pleasure to have sincere platforms like Future Female Mag expressing the human capacity of endurance and resilience.

As someone who struggles from a vortex of needing to fix everything (obnoxious at times) and sheer hypersensitivity, as we all sometimes do I’m sure, I’m profoundly inspired by today’s commitment to women and altruism, as a response to anguish and difficulty. People are AWESOME! It brought me pure joy talking with Lauren about my obligation to Good To Be Good Foundation and my trust on the significance of the “small yet mighty”. I can keep rambling on about it but there are pages waiting to be read and photos of enthusiastic smiles wanting to be echoed.

Please check out the latest fall issue online now:

Article: Lauren Mackay for Future Female Mag Mentions: Good To Be Good Foundation, Women’s Habitat


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