Keep calm and grab life by the bars!


My favourite snacks to have in between castings are the ones that are healthy, naturally energizing and locally made! Toronto health and fitness expert, Justyna Kozlowska of JBars did just that.


She found a way to my tummy (and many others) by creating an all natural protein snack bar that has an impressive resume:

Gluten free, vegan, refined sugar free, peanut free, dairy free, egg free, soy free, low sodium, low calorie, non GMO, low fat, low carb, free of artificial preservatives, additives and sweeteners, high in antioxidants and protein (about 14 grams per bar) and non processed.

I’ve found that most marketed ”healthy” protein snacks aren’t enjoyable. Some of them have that unpleasant gummy texture which usually takes me a few minutes to get through one bite. Then when I’m done, I’m stuck with a funky chemical aftertaste. But because the bars are locally made with just a food processor and a dehydrator, all you’re left with is a chewy yet delectable texture with a nourishing aftertaste.

The ingredient list is also worth swooning over. It’s a tasty bar that’s compacted with wholesome ingredients and raw superfoods such as: organic cacao, sprouted brown rice, hemp protein, quinoa, goji beeries, lemons, unsweetened coconut, sprouted flaxseeds and almonds. They’re naturally sweetened with prunes, apricots, coconut nectar and a tiny bit of stevia so your sweet tooth is satisfied but your insulin levels aren’t compromised.

With the health benefits of a protein bar and the appetizing taste of a brownie, JBars are the perfect ‘on the go’ snack that’s nutritionally balanced and delicious at the same time.


Suitable for all ages. Even great for kids school snacks! You can find them fresh in the aisles of various local health stores throughout the GTA and Toronto health conventions:

There are 4 amazing flavours to chose from! Exciting new flavours to come along with a brand spankin’ new look. Follow them on Facebook: and try not to drool while you’re there. 

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