Boku Warrior Super Smoothie!

Super foods are a fast and easy way to get some much needed nutrients and vitamins into your body. However, stepping into the universe of super foods can be overwhelming at times. From maca powder to chia seeds, there’s an array of amazing nutritious foods that you can add to almost anything for that extra boost!

For the past few years, super foods have become a household name in the health world. And if you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that super foods are a staple part of my diet. Most of the super foods have actually been consumed by Native people for many centuries and have rapidly begun to make its wave throughout the world – especially in North America.

But what does qualify as a super food? In my recent post about the deemed super fruit baobab, I mentioned that while there isn’t an actual “scientific” definition that certifies a particular food to be “super”, there are definitely certain foods that boast a variety of health benefits and ideal for well being. Of course, nothing beats out eating fresh, wholesome vegetables but most of the super foods available today are all plant based or derived from Mother Nature herself.

So I guess eating a combination of both would make me a mega human🙂

But don’t be mislead by some companies that market certain super food products as being able to heal diseases. The fact of the matter is that a single ingredient cannot cure something like cancer alone. Consuming a variety of fresh produce (greens importantly) with a variety of super foods is better than any type of drug that can be prescribed to you. I’ve learned that through a healthy, balanced diet, physical activity and a happy soul, it is possible to conquer anything! And where can we start first on our quest for optimal health? By what we choose to eat.


If you eat lots of veggies and fruits, why would you need to add super foods into your diet? 

Unfortunately, there’s the major concern of the quality of foods grown on mineral depleted soils so by adding super foods to your diet, you’ll be able to provide your insides the extra beneficial nutrients and vitamins it’s deprived of. I believe that there is nothing as powerful as to combining Mother Nature’s food to naturally heal the body and help it to perform its very best. Besides, if the Native Peruvians used super food maca to improve energy levels and assist with agility performance, we too can benefit from their traditions and practices!

Boku offers a diverse line of efficient super foods that’s easy to incorporate into our daily routines. From coconut sugar coated cacao nibs to super vegan protein powders, you can be sure you’re getting the good fuel you need to feel like a super human! All of their finest products are organic, gluten/wheat free, naturally derived, contain no fillers or artificial ingredients and most importantly, nutrient dense. They’re deliciously versatile in ways that you can happily add them to juices, baked goods, salads, breakfast dishes and green smoothies…like this one.

I’ve concocted a creamy nutritious green smoothie that combines some of Boku‘s top notch super foods and fresh produce for maximum potency in one superb jar. In order to feel like a healthy warrior, you must eat like one too!

Vegan, low sugar, wheat/gluten free, preservative free, whey free, organic and super delicious. 


What you’ll need:

2 cups of leafy greens (spinach + kale are my favourite!)

2 cups of unsweetened almond milk (coconut milk or cold filtered water if you prefer)

1 cup of frozen organic and local strawberries

1/2 cup of avocado (frozen makes the smoothie taste sweeter!)

2 tbsps of Boku Vegan Super Protein Powder

1/2 tsp of Boku Super Food

1/2 tsp of Boku Super Maca Powder

1 tsp of ground flax

1 tsp of cacao powder

Dash of cinnamon

Stevia to taste (can omit depending on sweet tooth)

Optional: 1 tsp of pure almond butter or sunflower seed butter, chia seeds, coconut oil

Combine all of the ingredients in a high speed blender. Always pour in the liquid before anything else to ensure a consistent smoothie.

Blend for a few minutes then top with Boku Super Cacao Nibs. Feel like a warrior! x

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